Lovely Little Moments

Do you Danerolles?

That special moment, that sudden feeling of happiness, that fun morning. It is often these little moments with each other that are most memorable. Danerolles inspires people to experience more of these Lovely Little Moments by bringing people together on different moments of the day.

Fresh dough since 1974

Our fresh dough is made in France where they initially discovered the craftsmanship for croissants and pains-au-choco. Together we carefully select the best ingredients. We therefore do not use any artificial colorings or flavourings and use sustainable palmoil.

Danerolles it yourself

Did you know fresh dough keeps on rising at room temperature? It is therefore very important to keep Danerolles in the refrigerator. Our can holds the dough together and plops out of the packaging when opened. Our dough may be use for sweet and savoury dishes.